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Finding time to eat can be difficult with a busy calendar: early morning meetings, back-to-back meetings, late night calls with International teams.

The office pantry is the one place that’s always open when hunger strikes.

However, pantry options are limited. Chips, bars and cereal are fun snacks for kids but not exactly the best thing for grown-ups on-the-go.

The Level Hot Pantry is changing that.

Revolutionizing the office pantry


Upgrade to a hot snacking experience


Don’t skip breakfast, just the cold cereal.

Enjoy scrambles, frittatas, and everything in the time it takes to get your coffee. Breakfast all day? Yeah, we do that too.

Move over protein bars.

5 oz. portions of Tex Mex Chicken Fajitas, Tuscan Short ribs, and BBQ Brisket are sure to satisfy midday hunger pangs & keep you going strong.

Eat more veggies, it’s easy.

Trade in that bag of stale kale chips for fresh leafy greens. The Level Hot Pantry is chock full of yummy veggie dishes, locally sourced, in-season & organic.

Plus tons of new goodies -- this ain’t your regular ol’ office pantry.

Whether you’re in the mood for an Apple Crumble, Impossible Meatless Meatballs or Korean BBQ, we’ve got you covered. The office pantry will never be the same.


Meet Level, the AI magic behind the hot pantry.

No. It’s not a microwave. It’s something infinitely smarter.

Using visual and thermal cameras, Level locates your snacks & steers heat to each item. Whether you’re cooking 1 or 3 snacks at a time, Level will bring each item to the right temperature and even lets you know when it’s done.

No more guessing cook times, finding cold spots, stirring and re-cooking nightmares. Level nails it in one take.


How it works 


We outfit you with the LEVEL Hot Pantry, which includes a fridge & the Level oven.


We stock your Level Hot Pantry throughout the week with a variety of meals.


When hunger strikes, find a meal from the Hot Pantry and pop it in the Level. Go ahead, cook a few items at the same time & build a feast!


Checkout is a breeze using Level’s mobile payment system. Bon appetit!


Eat real food

We offer whole food with nourishing ingredients. Now you can have real proteins (not protein bars) and fresh vegetables (not kale chips) in the hot pantry (with the occasional Sticky Toffee Pudding for cheat days).

On your schedule

Some teams get in very early. Others burn the midnight oil. And those C-suiters seem to forget to eat completely. With the Level Hot Pantry, we’ve got you covered from snacks to full meals, hot & ready when you are.

For all diets & appetites

Whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten-free, with a ferocious or small appetite, our mix ‘n match hot pantry lets you select snacks or build full meals across categories like proteins, veggies, carbs, breakfast & sweets to fit your dietary needs… aaaand cravings.

Don’t take our word for it…

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 5.23.36 PM.png

“Markov Rolls Out Hot Pantry Food Service, A ‘Google Cafeteria’ in a Box”


“Markov's Level Hot Pantry Wants To Upgrade Your Office Lunch”


“AI-Powered Oven Automates Cooking”


Launch Level Hot Pantry at your office in minutes.


We make it easy to launch a hot meal program at work.

Let us outfit your office with our chef-crafted meals, the award winning Level AI oven, and we even take care of payment using Level’s self-checkout system.

We’re currently offering the Level Hot Pantry to a limited number of customers in the Bay Area. To join our waitlist, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you.

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