Here’s what we mean when we say Level steers heat!

In this video, you will get a sense for the capabilities of Level when it comes to heating multiple items of food to different temperatures at the same time. 

Here, we use cups of water with a food dye in it to illustrate energy steering in action, but you can imagine real food in its place, too (don’t worry, no food was harmed in the making of this video). We select one cup to be heated to boiling point, while the other is set to a lower target temperature. You should see the cup that was meant to get hotter come to a boil. At the same time, the water in the other cup (set to the lower target temperature) never reaches boiling — just as intended.

This control allows us to be able to provide higher-quality cooking results as compared to other means of cooking. Our technology helps unlock use cases like the Hot Pantry where customers can pick any combination of cups of snacks (each with its own unique settings) and have LEVEL cook it for them.

Arvind Menezes Pereira