Introducing the Level Oven


At the heart of the hot pantry is Level, your in-office chef ready to take over & cook your perfect snack.

Begin by exploring the beautiful visual menu on Level’s interactive screen. Browse everything from breakfast to appetizers & learn about our fresh ingredients to help you make your selection.

Let’s get cooking!


Connected to the cloud, Level knows how to cook every item in the hot pantry’s revolving menu, perfectly.

Inside Level is an advanced closed loop temperature control system that uses both visual and thermal cameras to enable precision cooking, providing real-time data to monitor cooking progress and lets you know exactly when food is done.


Go ahead, cook everything at once, perfectly.

Appetizer Combo.jpg

Using some killer cooking algorithms and our patented RF system, Level can steer heat with precision, down to clusters of pixels. Now you can raid the hot pantry, construct a feast, & cook the BBQ Brisket, Mac ‘n Cheese & Chard all at the the same time, each to their perfect temperatures.

We just took precision cooking to the next Level (get it?).